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Military spouse starts new business selling rank earrings

FORT SILL, Okla. — A military spouse stationed in Oklahoma has risen to fame after she began designing and selling this fall’s hottest dependent fashion trend — military rank accessories.

“I was always told by my second husband that spouses shouldn’t wear their husband’s ranks,” said Gina Caslen, spouse of Lt. Col. Johnny Caslen. “But I needed a way to let the other members of the Spouse Club know that I am better than they are, so I bought these silver oak leafs at the clothing sales store and they matched my necklace perfectly while not too heavy on my ears.”

Daniel Wise, manager of the Post Exchange, was astonished when he saw the amount of patrons flocking to Caslen’s sales booth in the entry way of the store.

“She would open up her booth and would have a crowd throwing money at her immediately,” he said. “From the commanding general’s girlfriend to the pregnant spouses of basic trainees, they were lined up to buy these accessories that we sell for half the price across the street. It really showed the cell phone case booth and “My Child Wears Combat Boots” t-shirt sellers what revenue could be earned with original designs.”

“It’s not easy as an Army spouse funding all the things us ladies need like Coach purses and Michael Kors flats,” Caslen told reporters.

“I’m just happy to be able to give back to these men and women in a different way than my seaweed wraps and photography services already provide.”

Caslen refused to discuss her business model of clipping one of the two pins from the metal insignias and displaying them on a piece of cardboard. She has since expanded her jewelry line to include Navy, Marine and Air Force accessory options.

“Army ranks are definitely my best seller so far,” Caslen said. “However I am on back order for a bunch of items like my airborne wing nipple rings and good conduct medal charm bracelets.”

“Ever since I was forced to remove the blue sticker from my windshield no one has been saluting me, so I’m happy to finally get the recognition I deserve,” she added.